ARID1A mutation
Other names: ARID1A, AT-Rich Interaction Domain 1A, SWI/SNF-Related, Matrix-Associated, Actin-Dependent Regulator Of Chromatin Subfamily F Member 1, AT-Rich Interactive Domain-Containing Protein 1A, AT Rich Interactive Domain 1A (SWI-Like), ARID Domain-Containing Protein 1A, SWI/SNF Complex Protein P270, BRG1-Associated Factor 250a, SWI-Like Protein, Osa Homolog 1, SMARCF1, C1orf4, BAF250, HOSA1, OSA1, AT Rich Interactive Domain 1A (SWI- Like), Chromatin Remodeling Factor P250, BRG1-Associated Factor 250, OS
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Related biomarkers:
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