CD38 positive

Other names: CD38, CD38 Molecule, ADP-Ribosyl Cyclase 1, ADP-Ribosyl Cyclase/Cyclic ADP-Ribose Hydrolase 1, 2'-Phospho-Cyclic-ADP-Ribose Transferase, 2'-Phospho-ADP-Ribosyl Cyclase, Cyclic ADP-Ribose Hydrolase 1, NAD(+) Nucleosidase, CD38 Antigen (P45), ADPRC 1, 2'-Phospho-ADP-Ribosyl Cyclase/2'-Phospho-Cyclic-ADP-Ribose Transferase, Ecto-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Glycohydrolase, Cluster Of Differentiation 38, CADPr Hydrolase 1, CD38 Antigen, ADPRC1, T10

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Multiple Myeloma
isatuximab-irfc + K-NK004

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