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Sensitive: D – Preclinical

5679 / 28 - Tetra-specific antibody GNC-035: guidance and navigation control (GNC) molecule development for treatment of ROR1+ malignancies

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To evaluate the potential for GNC-035 to mediate cytokine release syndrome, the molecule is evaluated in soluble formats in the presence of PBMC and the ROR1+ A549 cancer cells…the cytolysis of A549 target cells is detectable after exposure to GNC-035 at 100 fM concentrations as well as the release of IFN-γ and certain other inflammatory cytokines at 24 or 48 hours post-treatment....Collectively, the GNC-035 represents a class of multi-specific and multi-modal immune cell engagers with potential to mediate ROR1+ cancer regression, overcome TCR-based immune escape and reverse T cell immune suppression in tumor microenvironment.