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Antitumor Activity of RXDX-105 in Multiple Cancer Types with RET Rearrangements or Mutations

In addition to NSCLC, we further tested RXDX-105 in two CRC PDX models harboring distinct RET rearrangements. Based on sequencing data provided by Crown Biosciences and confirmed in-house at Ignyta, model CR2518 possesses a CCDC6-RET gene fusion, joining exon 1 of CCDC6 to exon 12 of RET; and model CR1520 possesses a NCOA4-RET gene fusion, joining exon 6 of NCOA4 to exon 12 of RET. Both models were dosed with RXDX-105 at 10 and 30 mg/kg BID, and CR2518 was dosed with an additional 60 mg/kg QD dose group. As expected from our in vitro data, treatment with RXDX-105 produced a dose-dependent inhibition of tumor growth, with 30 mg/kg BID inducing tumor regression in all tumors in both models...