Association details:
Biomarker:HR positive + HER-2 negative
Cancer:Male Breast Cancer
Drug Class:CDK4 inhibitor +
CDK6 inhibitor
Evidence Level:
Sensitive: C3 – Early Trials

230P - Clinical outcomes of cyclin-dependent kinase 4-6 (CDK 4-6) inhibitors in patients with male breast cancer: a multicenter study

Published date:
Male patients with a diagnosis of HR+ and HER2- metastatic breast cancer, treated with any CDK 4-6 inhibitor, were included in the study…Median follow-up was 19.53 (95% CI: 14.04-25.02) months. The overall response rate was 60%...In our study, we found that CDK 4-6 inhibitors are effective and safe options in men with HR+ and HER2- metastatic breast cancer, as in women. Our results support the use of CDK 4-6 inhibitor-based combinations in the first-line treatment of HR+ and HER2- metastatic male breast cancer.