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5040 / 7 - Novel HER3 targeting antibody radioconjugates, 225Ac-HER3 ARC and 177Lu-HER3 ARC, exhibit potent antitumor efficacy in HER3-positive solid tumors

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Here we evaluated the antitumor effects of 225Ac or 177Lu armed HER3 ARCs across multiple HER3-expressing cancer models such as ovarian, colorectal, prostate, and renal cancer....HER3 ARCs induced cytotoxicity and inhibited colony formation of HER3-positive tumor cell lines. Significant in vivo human tumor xenograft growth inhibition was observed in response to 225Ac or 177Lu HER3 ARCs...In this study, both 225Ac-HER3 ARC and 177Lu-HER3 ARC demonstrated significant antitumor activity against HER3-expressing tumors in a dose-dependent manner.