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Sensitive: D – Preclinical

2P - SOT102, a novel CLDN18.2-targeting antibody-drug conjugate for gastric and pancreatic cancer with a wide range of the tumor target expression

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Single-agent therapeutic activity of SOT102 was demonstrated in numerous patient-derived xenograft models (gastric, pancreatic, liver, colon and lung adenocarcinomas). Complete responses were observed in all CLDN18.2 positive models, irrespective of the intensity of staining. models, independent of CLDN18.2 expression levels, ranging from low (IHC1+) to high (IHC3+), with minimum effective doses between 0.2 mg/kg and 0.6 mg/kg....SOT102 represents a novel potent ADC with the potential to treat Claudin 18.2 expressing tumors irrespective of the intensity of expression.