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Rapid Dose Escalation of Venetoclax in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Previously Treated with B-Cell Receptor Inhibitor Therapy

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We treated 34 pts with rapid venetoclax dose escalation. Median age at venetoclax start was 54 years old and were 73.5% men. Pts had a median of 5 previous CLL trtmts (range 2-18). The most recent trtmt was single-agent BCRi in 18 cases, which overlapped with venetoclax in the majority. Only 6 pts had high tumor burden and the majority had low or medium tumor burden. Cytogenetic abnormalities at venetoclax start included: 17 (50.0%) pts with 17p deletion, 5 (14.7%) with 13q deletion, 6 (17.6%) with 11q deletion, and 3 (8.8%) with trisomy 12. Fifty percent of pts had a complex karyotype, and 76.5% had unmutated IGVH status. 24 (80%, n=30 pts that had testing done) pts had confirmed BTK/PLCу2 mutations...Rapid dose escalation of venetoclax in this pt population is safe and feasible. Despite a high percentage of patients developing TLS (52.9%), all patients recovered without lasting complications and all but one were able to achieve the goal dose of venetoclax. This dosing scheme achieved disease control with 67.6% remaining progression-free at 1 year and the majority of pts surviving...