Association details:
Biomarker:BRCA1 mutation + BRCA2 mutation
Cancer:Prostate Cancer
Drug Class:GnRH stimulant
Evidence Level:
Resistant: C3 – Early Trials

The prognostic significance of homologous recombination repair pathway alterations in metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer

Published date:
Secondary endpoints included time to mCRPC stratified by HRR gene and time to treatment failure (TTF) in HRR altered vs WT pts, stratified by therapy. Stratified by individual HRR gene, pts with BRCA2, CDK12, or co-occurring alterations had significantly decreased time to mCRPC compared to other HRR alterations...In terms of mHSPC therapy, 45.7% were treated with ADT alone, 27.8% with an androgen receptor signaling inhibitor (ARSI), and 26.5% with docetaxel. TTF was inferior in HRR altered vs WT pts (10.8 vs 13.8 mos, p-0.004, HR- 1.84). Stratified by therapy, TTF was inferior in HRR altered vs WT pts treated with ADT alone (8.9 vs 13.3 mos, p- 0.019, HR-1.94) and there was no significant difference in TTF in HRR altered vs WT pts treated with either the addition of an ARSI or docetaxel. HRR alterations are associated with worsened outcomes in mHSPC patients.